Welcome to center for disease control... oh wait wrong group.. Welcome to the Nerdgasm where we encourage role play for you nerdy types who still love your American made comicbooks.

Currently running anything fro Batman, Young Justice, and X-men. We are currently under construction.

No Drama please, save the drama for creative writting in the story and plot.
Keep it PG13, all fun stuff can be moved to private messages.
I will be opening up for OC's, limit 1 per player and OC's must be aproved first.
Active players can have/play up to 4 characters at once.
Please see Charcater Claim forum before jumping in.
1 OC per player unless it's an OC heavy RP with exceptions in the rules.
Taking plot sugestions and character requests.
2 Paragraph minimum. that means no one liners, 1-2 sentences. 1 paragraph at the least but do not make it a regular thing.

We encourage both group and 1X1 play here.
For 1X1 rp's please add (Private) or (1x1) in the title.

How to join:
1. Request to join and P.M an rp sample to NuSith
2. The subject title should be "Taco" Becasue Taco is the password.. It's always the password.
3. And wait for a reply. You'll get a reply before you are accepted. Thems the new rules.

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