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The Way of the Ninja. A veteran Naruto role-playing guild from Gaia's early days it is now receiving a much-needed rehaul and is always open for new members. We aim to provide in-depth and realistic inter-village RP with village campaigns, village-village cooperation, and warfare, all set against the backdrop of exciting and original plots. This RP is set 800 to 1000 years after the series, so a liberal interpretation of Naruto is possible. Powerful clans could have flourished or died out. New clans could have risen to take their place. Former military powerhouses could have withered, former nobodies could now be standing strong. It's all your choice as you find your way of the ninja.

KIRI, who has suffered dictatorship, war and political turmoil of its own a few years back is now rebuilding and flourishing.
KONOHA is in a civil war with the Fire Daimyo and standing together with the aid of their ally Amegakure now faces a stalemate that rends the country in two.

NPC/Inactive villages
OTO, in the middle of trying to expand their influence, is dealing with a great of internal political intrigue between the various Otobe houses, the clan which now Lords over the village.
SUNA, a growing military power spurred on by its galvanised economy.
KUMO is recovering their infrastructure after years of devastation following a destructive avalanche.
AME is the village where diplomats gather, but it has a shady past of its own...
TAKI is the unofficial base of the mysterious and feared organisation, the Fifth Dawn, and yet also a shinobi village of its own.
KUSA and IWA have withdrawn from the global sphere of influence.


  • A dice-based game system to prevent god-modding, explained in simple terms.
  • Constant game system updates.
  • Helpful crew ready to answer any question you may have.
  • Fresh, exciting and unpredictable guild-wide plots and missions with much interaction between villages.
  • Full character customisation.
  • Realistic experience system.
  • Rank climbing. Start from the bottom and reach the greatest height.
  • Genin and Chuunin exams with realistic evaluations and original tests.

    What do we expect from you?

  • Follow the guild rules as well as GaiaOnline ToS.
  • Activity. [1 post every 2 days is the minimum.]
  • Originality!!
  • Inform us of absences.
  • No spamming.
  • Have fun.

    Join Request Format

  • How much do you know about Naruto?
  • Why should we accept you?
  • How did you learn about us?
  • What is third person narrative writing?
  • Do you have any D20 knowledge or experience? If so please tell us about it. [It doesn't matter if you have none.]

    The following are banned from the guild
    Mangekyou Sharingan
    Shi Shi Rendan
    Any combo related to Naruto
    Uzumaki clan
    Haku's Yuki Clan
    Kekkai Tota

    None currently

    On December 23rd 2006 a much loved friend and Crew member [Pink Flavored Sharpie] (Roxy) lost her life. She was killed by a drunk driver. Roxy, we remember you and we love you. You were a great RPer and Crew, and above all a great friend and person to talk to. Your clothing designs were amazing and it's sad to know that you will never be recognised on the stage you deserve for them.

    Rest In Peace Roxy. We remember you always, and love you forever.

    Please don't drink and drive. Hopefully by doing so more tragedies like this can be prevented across the world.