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This guild is an alternate universe, meaning all naruto characters exist in a separate timeline, and are not in this guild. most ninjutsu created by specific characters may or may not exist. We will have a list in the guild.

The story thus far....

Wars are what shape a country, resources are pushed to the extreme. People are pushed to the extreme. It causes pain, misery, misfortune. War shapes a country on the brink of all people can make the difference. a war that devastated the lands.. The Land of Fire has taken new measures; they have increased military might uniting the land with sheer power, under one new regime the Hidden leaf has made peace they are called the center of the world. In order to keep going Ninja are still employed to squash out opposition or defectors. Some say the new rule is not what they wanted, but it keeps the death toll at a minimum. They had abolished practice of Ninjutsu in other countries so if anyone has the skill or talent they would come to Konoha, go through academy lessons and be drafted as ninja to serve the leaf. this way of life has been kept for half a century.

What interested you in this guild?
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How much do you know about the Naruto world?(Its fine if you are just getting started.)
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How active are you?
Do you have any specific clans you would like to join?

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