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Welcome to Shinobi Legends

This is your captain [ lvl one ] along with all of the crew would like to welcome you to our Naruto RPG. SL is a team work based RPG that expresses the importance of a ninjas squad members. The use of a Squad from the lowest rank of ninja (Student) allows one to gain friendship and trust as your new brotherhood grows as you do. Although we like to stress the importance of a squad in early years, this does not stop one from venturing forth into the ninja world. Rather you stay a brotherhood for life or fall together, we wish you the best.


Since the beginning of time stories have been told about legends, these Legends are normally exaggerated over time but all of them have bits of truth still circling in each story told. Legends of the creation of Shinobi and then the powerful Shinobi who followed the creation, all Legends were seen worthy of being remembered. Will you be a legend and remembered for your actions and abilities, or will you be forgotten and drift off into the wind like the dirt we all travel on. Your fate will be decided by the advancement of your character and the actions taken during the extent of his/her life. Will you be seen as one of the fearless protectors of the world or will you be feared as an enemy who has put the world in turmoil. The choice is yours, but please choose wisely once you walk down certain paths you will be unable to turn around and take a new path, your legend starts here.


We would like you to include this with your join after you have looked over the Start Here Page

What interested you the most about joining this guild?
Are you here to discuss Naruto?
What village are you interested in Joining?
Do you have any Roleplaying experience?
If So, How Much?

List 3 rules from step two in start here