Naruto : Rise of the Nations

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History/Back Story

Bodies lying around , the bodies of dead shinobi warriors that vowed the defeat Madara died trying. It was now up to Naruto Uzumaki to end this devastation occurring around the nation. After Killer Bee and Naruto came off of the island they were ready to take down Madara and Sasuke. This had to be settled , Naruto wanted to take this mission on his own. Yet his teacher , Killer Bee didn't allow that. So , both males went on a hunt knowing well what the outcome might bring them. As they traveled towards Madara's location , they were stopped by the reincarnation of Itachi Uchiha and Nagato Uzumaki. In the mist of it all , Itachi Uchiha broke away from Kabutomaru's jutsu and stopped Nagato all at once. With that said and done , the reincarnation of Itachi Uchiha soon stopped Nagato from attacking both Killer Bee and Naruto. Yet Itachi soon after explained to the two that he wouldn't be accompanying them. Due to his failure to stop Sasuke and for wanting to do something separate from their plan. Wishing their battle to be and true he set off disappeared.

As that was holding Killer Bee and Naruto back a bit. Madara had just accomplished placing in Itachi's eyes into Sasuke. Thus the eternal mangekyo was born , now there was nothing that would stop Sasuke and Madara at destroying everyone and everything.The great battle that would end everything , and finally resort Konoha to it's rightful peace. But what about Kabutomaru you ask ? He had something way different in store rather than what Madara had. The team of ninjas closed in on him , yet he was far ahead of them. Disappearing from the sigh Kabutomaru vanished. This was all after he had just kidnapped Anko. Kabutomaru had something to do with Anko. It's most like that she, having been a former protege of Orochimaru is of some value to Kabuto's research. Thus Kabutomaru keeps Anko alive in order to experiment on her. This guy had something far more different than what Madara had in mind. Yet the reason for their banding together because it benefits the other.

Meanwhile the two males finally caught up with Madara and Sasuke. The real battle that determined Konoha's fate along with everyone else was going to begin. As the males exchanged looks Naruto said nothing as he just stared at his long childhood friend that he has now lost to the destruction in his mind. Talking Sasuke out of this situation was useless now , it didn't work in the past. How the hell would it work now. As the wind swept past them Killer Bee was momentarily serious , this wouldn't be a joke to anyone. Now wasn't the time to put in humor before a major battle. It was time to finally end this battle and cease the number of deaths that are happening at that very moment. Everyone and everything depended on Naruto and Killer Bee only. With the acknowledged. The battle than began , there was no stopping this battle from happening.

As the battle began , the males brawled with no set backs. It seemed like an eternity , the battle finally came to a halt. There the last man stood amongst the others. Soon after he collapsed still in his sage form. This was one hell of a battle , two deaths took the lives of two males. Both Madara and Killer Bee laid dead and motionless. As for Sasuke Uchiha something came over him that made him change his whole out look all of the sudden. Even though Itachi said he wouldn't intervene he seemed to tap into Sasuke's mind and talk to him explaining everything to him that Itachi had knowledge of. Took a while for him to convince Sasuke , it wasn't like him to have his mind changed like that. As the young Uchiha Male lied on the floor he didn't respond to anything. His left arm had been taken off of his body. As for Madara , he was in pieces..he deserved it for killing Naruto's teacher Killer Bee. Second teacher that Naruto has lost in his life , the second person he looked up to just like Jiraya. Which provoked Naruto to go nine tails with everything he had. Killer Bee knew he would die in this battle... at least it was done...Naruto did it. He finally brought peace to Konohagakure. Too bad he died , he couldn't congratulate Naruto on his ultimate success. Naruto Uzumaki , the male that had the will to kill Madara and take down Sasuke. The Final Valley had been destroy completely. The statue of Madara was disintegrated. As for the first's statue , it was perfectly in tact , the sun's rays shined upon it as the clouds drifted away from the sun. It was all over , everything was good once again.

Soon after Kakashi's team came onto the scene first , everyone was shocked to see what they saw. Dust and Rubble floated in the air as it soon cleared to see the four males lying on the ground. Sakura seemed sick to her stomach as the scene was petrifying her. Running towards the scene Kakashi shouted out at her as he caught her wrist and shook his head. It wasn't safe to go in just yet. The pinkette didn't want any of it and had Kakashi let go as she sprinted towards the lifeless body of Naruto Uzuamaki. The female fell onto her knees as she grabbed onto Naruto and helped his head up carefully on her lap. Doing her medical procedures she frantically checked Naruto's pulse. Nothing , Sakura called out Naruto's name as she felt her emotions running on high. Not a word came out from Naruto's mouth , his side was badly torn as blood leaked out. His ninja head band hung on a kunai as it was tattered. As for the rest of Kakashi's group including himself came onto the battle field. Lee came over and stood over Sakura as she saw her hold onto Naruto as she said nothing. As for the rest they looked over towards Sasuke's body and Madara's remains. All of it was too over whelming for everyone , yet the main concern was on Naruto and Killer Bee. Soon after Kakashi summoned his dog Pakkun to deliver the message to Lady Tsunade.

Soon after he disappeared heading towards Tsunade and the Raikage. Only to find out that she had died , Pakkun returned to Kakashi and had told him what had happened. Going back to what Tsunade had told him when the previous situation happened when she was near death that he would become The Hokage. Yet, he didn't feel like he deserved the position of Hokage. Looking onto Naruto he reached up for his own headband and held onto it. If there was one person who deserved it more than he does , that was Naruto. As they lingered there for a while longer Kakashi then asked them to bring the bodies back to Konohagakure. Then he'll have to decide what to do in this situation. As Kakashi looked up towards the clouds he wondered to himself mindlessly for a brief moment. Right then as Sakura had been holding onto Naruto silently mourning his death, she heard a faint voice speak to her. Widening her eyes she lifted up her head to gaze onto Naruto as his breathing was weak. Kakashi's thought broke as he heard Naruto , turning to his student that was still alive after the battle that would've killed him. Everyone was momentarily stunned for Naruto , he survived the battle against Madara. Giving them all a bit of a grin as he reassured everyone that he was okay. The gloomy day that seemed to be devastating quickly turned into a joyous moment.

As it turned out Sasuke had still been alive after losing too much of his blood from his severed arm. Both Naruto and Sasuke had been hospitalized for several weeks. Naruto extended himself to the max, as did Sasuke. The battles and fights worn down as everyone reverted back to Konoha for a memorial service. Lives had been taken from across the Nation, everything looked like it would've been the same. Kakashi has taken the role of Hokage for a while , only until Konoha gets back up or until Naruto is out from the hospital. Sakura along with Ino were both watching over Sasuke and Naruto. Days stretched as people in Konoha wondered if Naruto would ever get better. It was something no one, not even Sakura could determine. Waiting was the only thing anyone could do at the moment and hope that he wakes up again. Things cleared up for everyone as the whole war cleared over. Then came that one day , that Naruto finally woke up. Well and alive , taking off the hospital equipment off of him he like his accomplished a life goal that he's been wanting to accomplish for years now. Staring out at his window he still felt the pain in his heart. Remembering back in the battle , Killer Bee. His teacher after Jiraya died. Closing his eyes the boy had remember what Killer Bee had told him back on the island. Letting out a soft sigh the blonde haired boy only smiled. Sasuke had been taken out of the hospital only to be asked a few questions.

Long story short , Kakashi finally passed down the Hokage role right when Naruto was fit to be able to take it. Sakura was promoted to chief of medical by Shizune. And Sasuke was finally able to be trusted by Konoha and was assigned to ANBU captain. Everyone was able to reach their dream goal in The Leaf Village. Thus led to marrying their true love , have having their own offspring. Yet what they didn't know was that Kabutomaru was planning to bring back the Akatsuki.

Main Arc:

(To be Announced)

Side Arc:

After the many years of peace and quiet between the Villages now chaos and lust for power reign upon them. The villages have become greedy and wish to obtain the Jinchuuriki all to themselves, small alliances are been formed to take down bigger opponents and betrayal can be felt in the air as all Villages are reign by greed and power. Will you defend your village and protect your Kage? or will you choose to betray those who trust you? That is yours to choose.....


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Hokage - Lambda Gatsuou Uchiha Jubei
Kazekage - Open
Mizukage - Aiko Uchiha
Raikage - Raito Shoyū-Sha
Tsuchikage - Open
Amekage - Open


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