This guild may seem like it has many members but most are inactive. My goal in this guild is to create one of the top Naruto RP guilds that is always active. The more people that join the happier everyone shall be....but to join you must be active or else I will kick you from the guild and I know many don't want that at all.

It has also come to my attention that there aren't many RPers out there any longer compared to lets say a year ago and you probably realized this too, well join the guild and invite ANYONE you want to RP with. I want this guild to be my most successful one ever! In order to join just send a request ) but also see the bottom for details.

Now, for some back story on when this RP takes place....

Ever since the Sage has existed, there has been thoughts of the idea of peace and how it is obtained. Many have different ideas on what it means and how it is created...and by this, many have created more conflict by fighting about who is right and who is wrong. This subject has done everything from start a great war to crushing relationships. Everyone was effected in their own way. Now, 100 years into the future this topic is still creating turmoil and anarchy in little to great forms. Even though the village seems to be at peace, there are many out there with malicious intent and corrupted ways of what is right to them. All of the villages and nations have stayed exactly the same and has no changed one bit. SO some of these questions are...

What is your purpose and your destiny?
What will you do?
Who are your friends and enemies?

Hokage Taken

Kazekage Taken


Raikage Taken

Tsuchikage Taken

Otokage Taken

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When you send an application you are agreeing to the following

- I will be active in the guild
-I will not god mod or do any other things that would be deemed unfair.
-I will respect the Crew, Vice Captains, and Captain at all times.
-I will obey the Gaia ToS
-I will not use any kind of slang or profanity even bleeping out certain parts.
-I will have fun )