Chapter 1

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For eighty years after the third shinobi war, the world was peaceful.

That was up until Four years ago, when the corruption appeared. It started off as a small scale emergency in the Land of Water. Mist was left to deal with it, the other nations taking a non-interventionalist approach. But when the corruption spread, overtaking the entire country, things became much more serious. The other nations decided to act.

They began investigating the corruption trying to understand its secrets. Some nations decided to study it for militaristic gains and how possibly to weaponize it to stay ahead of the other nations. Others to find the quickest way to disperse it and protect there lands from the blight. This is what is known about it: The corruption is a spiritual blight that spreads upon contact. It affects, humans, animals, and even the land itself. There is no current known cure. There is no known central cause. It appeared out of no where and has split the lands making travel between the nations even more dangerous then normal.

The worse thing that was discovered however, was that the situation had already escalated far beyond what was obvious. The seas stretching on and on to the east of Water Country were a vast ocean of corruption spawning creatures from the deep to rise up. Perhaps it had even reached water country by spreading across the sea and land.

For the next five years, the great nations fought the monsters of the corruption, animals and humans, even rocks and trees, that had been warped and turned aggressive thanks to the corruption. But it was all in vain. The corruption continued to spread, convering the shinobi lands.

In a last ditch effort, all of the most powerful shinobi were gathered. The Joint shinobi army was formed for the first time since the 4th shinobi war. Every shinobi of any significant strength was sent out, leaving only gennin behind. They set out across the sea to seek out the source of the corruption and destroy it.

However... one day the radio signal was lost and they were never heard from again.

The lands fell one by one towns and cities destroyed. Nations and villages were cut off from each other while others like the mist fell to the corruption entirely. Then the fall of villages happened and caused a influx of ninjas and civilians from the surrounding villages to migrate toward Suna and Khona. After another 4 years Suna and Khona have lost all contact with the other villages leading them to believe that only they had survived.

Now, the remnants of the human race, the low ranking shinobi who were left behind, those who lost there villages to the corruption, must learn to survive in this new world full of monsters and chaos.

(Warning: The Boruto time line does not exist this takes place instead of the Boruto time line)