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Arc One: A New World
With the 4th Shinobi War gone, several years have passed by. New Kages came to seat, new genin have graduated from the academy, everyone seems to be at peace with eachother, and with new heroes brings out new villains. This is the beginning of Naruto: A New World. Now young and fresh out of the academy genin are now being assigned to their Jounin sensei and taking up missions. Gaining experience and growing larger in strength in preparations for the upcoming Chuunin Exams!

1 - Follow Gaia ToS
2 - No godmodding
3 - Don't make it all about you
4 - Please try to spell things right
5 - Be active if not I will kick you
6 - Don't annoy the captain,vice, or crew
7 - Don't spam forum posts
8 - Don't swear to much
9 - One person may have up to 5 characters
10 - Don't kill people without their permission
11. Must start as a genin.. only unless you ask to be a specific role IE: Anbu, Kage, Akatsuki

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Naruto: A New Beginning

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Grades/Chakra Amounts

D - Genin - 100/100
C - Chuunin - 150/150
B - Special Jōnin | Jōnin - 200/200
A - Anbu | Kage - 250/250
S - S-Rank | Criminal (Akatsuki) | Sannin - 300/300


1. ((Itsuo Senju))

2. ((King Boamah))

3. [Locked]


Hokage: ((Giovanni))

Raikage: ((Open))

Tsuchikage: [Locked]

Mizukage: ((Isuma Ashi Kerasoki))

Kazekage: ((Lucifer Mazoroni)) [Locked]

Sorakage: [Locked]

Amekage: [Locked]

Nation Leaders:

Otogakure: [Open]

Hoshigakure: [Locked]

Land of Iron: [Locked]


Nine-Tailed Fox : ((Yuuki Ketsua)) [Mist]

Eight-Tailed Octopus : ((Open))

Seven-Tailed Beetle : ((Open))

Six-Tailed Slug : ((Open))

Five-Tailed Dolphin-Horse : ((Open))

Four-Tailed Gorilla : ((Open))

Three-Tailed Turtle : ((Open))

Two-Tailed Cat : ((Open))

One-Tailed Shukaku : ((Lucifer Mazoroni)) [Sand]

Seven Swordsmen of The Hidden Mist:

1. ((Amaya Kawasaki)) - Thunderswords

2. ((Yukai)) - Samehada

3. ((Open)) - Bluntsword

4. ((Open)) - Blastsword

5. ((Shi Kawsaki)) - Longsword

6. ((Suzaku Senju)) - Executioner Blade

7. ((Open)) - Twinsword

How To Join:

Introduce Yourself:
How often are you on Gaia?
Will you be active?
How did you learn about us? (We want to see which method of recruitment is the most effective.)
Are You literate? (You don't have to be literate, but we do ask that you be at least semi-literate, if you worry that you don't meet the criteria, feel free to PM your Captain, or a Vice Captain)
How far are you in the Naruto series? (It helps, but it is not necessary.)