~ Marshall's Little Helpers ~

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Welcome to the Marshall's Little Helpers guild! 8D
Our aim is to help zOMG-ians. This may be help with their quests, obtaining badges, or taking people on their first-time boss runs. We specialise in SS/EB runs, but we will accept any request! cool

From time to time we also organise themed raids, and have great fun doing it! We will pick a theme to dress up as, set a time and place, and meet up to have a laugh. emotion_awesome Sometimes we go on runs. Other times we just hang out, perhaps running through crowded areas of the map, freaking out the general public with our wacky antics. c:

Inside you'll meet many friendly faces (as well as a few crazy ones, but we love them) ready to introduce you to the happy fun times one can experience in zOMG!

Looking for help? A crew? Post in the guild's forum. Let us know what you need and we'll get the job done and stuff!

So like, what are you waiting for? emotion_awesome GTF in here!