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Sooo..... What do I have to do to join?
It's simple! No, really. It's simple. Just follow the 3 steps below.
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to join the MADG guild

You can leave the reason box blank, we don't
read it.
Lies!! Lies!! All lies!!

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Tell your friends about the guild

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Post in the Guild
We encourage you all to talk within the guild
and make new friends. (Be sure to follow the rules for

Formally known as the fastest growing and most popular
guild in Gaia, the MADG came to an end in August 2007. Having given
away over 200,000,000 gold total, it ran it's course. Currently,
members of the crew are working hard to bring the guild back to its
feet. It is slow going and it may be a while before we have enough net
worth to hold giveaways and contests frequently. Do not be discouraged!
MADG is still a fun place to hang out and we still do hold the
occasional contest when we can.

We ask that you do not advertise the guild with new
threads or spamming links due to recent scams. Putting approved links
in your signature, profile, Market Place shop, or personal shops is all
that needs to be done. If we find you spam-advertising, you will be
banned from the guild. We are serious about this. It's bad enough that
scammers are doing it and giving us a bad rep.
In addition to the above steps, YOU MUST READ THE
If you do not follow the giveaway rules, you will be
removed from the contests and events, and you will not have a shot at

Winners will be selected based on their activity
around Gaia as well as their activity within the guild. You need to
have been playing Gaia for at least two weeks and have 100 posts
outside the guild as well as 15 inside the guild.


There is no way to withdraw money from the guild fund. So instead,
please donate to the giveaway by sending a
to Bangarang`
We cannot stress this enough!!
No really. We can't. It'll just sit there and sit there.