It doesn't matter what type of vampire, shapeshifter or were wolf you are as long as it is part of the race, so you can have abilities like Dracula, Annie Rice vamps, or Twilight. It depends what you want to be. As for werewolves they can change what they want or turn only during the full moon up to you.
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Welcome to Lunanyxia, a school for Vampires, Werewolves, and Shapeshifters, where they can go and learn more about their powers and how to control themselves. This school is the top rated and high classed but we open are arms for any dear soul to come and learn are great histories.

This school has been around for many centuries and we have always been having many wonderful students come and becoming great people. You will also learn many fascinating subjects for English literacy, to dark magic. Just cause of the humans legends of us doesn't mean that are kind is weak and we are stronger then they think we are and here you can learn to become strong, mentally, physically, and of course emotionally too. We have many staff members you can go to for help and service if needed.

Any one of you's can come here and go whenever you feel is right, learn the things you always wanted to and meet others of your race. Don't forget too make a friend or two on you way to becoming stronger.

We have many events that will be held at Lunanyxia, we also have wonderful sports that many of you's would be interested in joining and representing you race. If sports are not your thing then we also have intellectual teams like debate, or chess you can sigh up for as well. If you love clubs we have those too and if we don't have the sports, or clubs you want then you can register one with one of are vice principals.

Of course we have uniforms that you have to wear to class, after class and on campus you can wear what you want. You are not aloud off campus without parent and principal's permission, but we'll talk about the rules a little later on.
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Since we let anyone come all you have to do is press the join button (just put anything and we'll accept you), and after you join hand us your registrations and go see the principal or vice principal for your room number and class times (you pick the classes you want) and enjoy the school and what it has to offer.

Now young-ling’s we hope you enjoy your stay here at Lunanyxia....