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Welcome to Laughing My Gaia Off! We are a small guild whose only purpose is to enjoy life and have fun on Gaia. We have something here for everyone, so if you want to chat with some of the coolest characters on gaia, feel free to send a join request. We accept all sorts of people here, whether you like gaming or role playing, or even if you are some old guy like me, there is a place for you! And if you have an interest there is no place for in the guild, feel free to suggest it in a thread and I'll add it somewhere!

Some simple Rules:
1)Don't be rude, only nice and fun and stuff.
2)Do something that makes someone mad, you will get a warning. Do it again and you will get a strike. Just like baseball, 3 strikes and you are out! Though I doubt this will be an issue, I've never given a strike to anyone.
3)Have fun!