hi i am a SOUTH korean american cit. BTW i get very offended when someone calls me north T~T so please dont

and there are people everwhere wanting to learn korean and CANT FIND A GOOD TEACHER D<
look no futher D i might not be the best but HEY im on gaiaonline for those fellow gaians that would like to join me XD

and for you dummies that wana learn JUST JOIN D

and yes i dont know ALL of the korean but its enough for you guys to learn D and yes i am nice in alot of occasions XD
i am not racist 3

follow ToS please im not gona snitch but i am in moods sometimes to report people so XD

please no childish talk like you ish gona die
-.- its ok if its a typo and I dont mind but alot of other people do D

fluent korean speakers will be most likely be what ever lvl is under vice D XD
but its like a mod aplication you have to be apporved and must ask XD

sorry for the small fee i occasionally will have contest along with the money i make from gaiaonline D

please join