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A lone continent, ruled over by two goddesses, remains in a medieval era while the rest of the world advances. When the modern world discovers this continent, called Kunaria, war ensues. The Armory Island Corporation and the elite Marine unit known as the Blackhearts direct the assault, wielding guns and other tools of the modern age, while a group of Kunarian mercenaries named the Blessed Legion lead the defense. Will you fight with the Kunarians to defend their homeland, or the invaders who seek the nation's resources and magical power? Will swords, bows, and creatures with special powers triumph over guns, explosives, and modern technology? Only time will tell, and in the meantime, the war rages on.....

~~How To Join~~
In your join request, state:

1. Why you want to join this specific guild.
2. How often you plan to post.
3. How much rp experience you have; a link to a sample is helpful but not necessary.
4. A brief description of the character(s) you plan to make.
5. Which goddess you like more and why (this helps show that you have looked through the guild and know what you're getting into).
6. Anything else you think we should know about yourself.