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Please note that Fuzzy-sama and Siyango are the founders of this guild. This is just a mule account.</center>

Welcome to Koto~Thing. We may lack a bit when it comes to the number of members we have, but trust me. We're all family here. =3

Thinking about joining? Awesome, that's what I like to hear. =3 But, before you send in a join request, please remember the following:

-We'd really prefer if you were literate. Don't have the best spelling and grammar ever? Ok. Don't always capitalize everything you're supposed to? I can handle that. But no trying to be 1337 and abbreviating everything. At least TRY to make your posts readable.

-When you join the guild, you're going to be expected to post. Why else would you join? If you don't post within about a week or so after joining, and you're not on vacation or something, then sorry, but we'll kick you out.

-Don't beg, don't spam, don't flame, and don't ask to be a moderator.

-When you put in a join request, DO NOT leave it blank, or put something short like "Can I join?" Whatever you choose to say, try to make it a good two or three sentences. Maybe about how you found the guild, why you want to join, etc. We basically want to see how excited you are about joining, along with your typing skills.

If you've been accepted or invited into the guild, then please read the stickies and other informational threads over before starting to post. It makes everyone's life easier. =3 A good place to start posting is the Introduce Yourself thread.

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