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You have reached an mystreious village in the center of the woods. It seems it has been there for a while and various voices are heard in the woods which makes you very uncomfortable at first. But No matter You press on and you find yourself in the presence of some guards. Explaining your just somebody who dropped in. They let you inside to possibly join The knights of The phantom Shadow. You notice there are various buildings and tents scattered throughout the village as you wander the streets. Eventually You find The leader's place and an mystreious woman with blonde hair and blue eyes greets you. She is not human which you can see by the wings on her back and she finally hands you an paper. "If you sign this you will enter our village... If not you will be disposed off. It's no offense after all we are assassins after all." If you sign you will be rewarded with an life of an assassin if not you will be promptly disposed of. It's Up to you what you choose when you enter this guild.

~How you join~

Ah yes Read the rules First because the colored letters represent Your Entry. It is only an word that Me and the other people know. If you fail to read the rules and give us the code you will not be accepted.