Avalon was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom, Every citizen of the Kingdom lived in harmony with one another. All four territories were ruled by four brothers and sisters whom had all grown up; however, in separate territories. Though this had been a necessary separation, it did not hinder their ability to communicate with each other.

Every territory is famous for something, citizens did not really care about objects, money, or anything of that nature. The fortunate citizen of the kingdom, instead, took to the ideals of love and kindness, seeking friendship and civility with each other.

One day, late at night, the moon hid herself from the people of Avalon. The citizens began to panic.Never before had something of this nature occurred. They did not know what to make of the strange occurrence. In fear and confusion, they reported their concerns to all four rulers. The rulers immediately wrote letters to one another asking if they knew anything about this, but of course they did not.

Later that same day the sky turned red. Shadows were seen moving about in the sky, and the citizens grew even more afraid, and began to take part in mass panic. Citizens ran about, not sure what to do. Some even went as far as to hide, seeking shelter from the strange shadows.

All of a sudden, dragons broke through the clouds. The dragons flew towards each of the territories, seeking out the rulers. The dragons, with their mighty strength and power, easily overcame the four rulers, killing them all. The dragons, having finished their task, removed themselves from Avalon, and hid, waiting for four more rulers to stand up and take their places on the thrones.

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