Long ago when heroes of light and villians of dark clashed.a King emerged to halt the fighting.That King then bestowed the power of light and dark to the two strongest warriors of each side.he said only one of them could live and forever that side would be worthy of both light and dark.The two warriors clashed in a battle that seemed like it would go on for eternity but the tides changed when the warrior of light gave the warrior of darkness a proposal.The warrior of Light said they should destroy the king and take his throne at Kingdom Hearts. The warrior of darkness did not agree.while the light gave into the darkness.the darkness was purified by the light.The two warriors switched sides and the once dark warrior became a true soldier of light and defeated the now tainted warrior of light.The victor of that battle won it in the name of the light.After the battle the new warrior of light went to the king to talk.the king told him that the battle was not to end the war but to show how light and darkness could both purify and taint each other.The new warrior understood now.the power to change was in all who seek out the will to.The warrior of light became the first true warrior the first Twilight keyblade wielder.a master of both light and dark.now in the present day a new war emerges but will the teachings of the old change its course? you will decide whether your dark ways can be purified by the light or will your inner light be tainted by the darkness you hide within yourself?


When Joining the guild,please give us a description on how much you actually know about Kingdom Hearts or at least tell us what you like about it.


When your Accepted,please begin on your role play characters profile.once its done wait for its approval ((which the waiting time shouldn't be very long)).after that begin roleplaying.