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It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers.

Hi there.

First off, please only join if you are a girl. (Sorry guys!)

This guild is still rather new, so please dont be put off by the fact its not got constant posting going on, as things are still being tweaked here and there. We really appreciate feedback on what you think of the guild.

The summary of the guild is "A guild specifically for girls, which embraces both the stereotypical and unconventional topics for girls to talk about."

I want a girl guild that not only talks about the conventional topics (i.e. make-up, fashion etc), but also those that you don't see so often in girl guilds, such as sports.

The most important thing is that this guild becomes a community for girls to get together and feel comfortable talking to each other in.

I really want to give the idea of running my own guild a shotSo come and join? ;D