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The sound of gentle waves, the tang of salt in the air, and the warm caress of an ocean breeze rouse you from your daze. The distant smell of food and sounds of civilization can be heard somewhere out of sight. There is sand in your hair, and as you peer around you, coughing up some of the grit and salt-water it dawns on you.

'Where am I? How did I get here? Why...'

As you look around, a little wooden sign is spotted, it reads

Welcome to Lithe
The Island between Time and Space.

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Welcome to the island of mystery and mystique. No one seems to know how or why they got here, they only know that this was not their place, or time, or origin. This land lay on no map, and in no time.

The events above are identical to your own, you find yourself washed up on a beach and in a daze. Will you be able to find out where or when this island is? Can you find your way home? Are there even answers to the things your heart ponders?

This land is a home as fleeting as fog and just as concealing. What oddities await you?

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Basic Rules
Must know before sending in a join request

♦ Must be able to receive PM's from the crew/captains
♦ Must read announcements
♦ Semi-Literate and above ONLY
♦ NO one-liners (some exceptions made)
♦ All posts must be in Past-Tense 3rd Person
♦ Rules are Subject to change and you must follow all changes

Join Request Guidelines Please Include All That You Can
How you found the guild (search, invite, ect.)
Will you actually post? (If so, how literate are you?)
Example of Role-play (3-5 lines, must contain dialogue)
Can you make guild banners or contribute outside of role-play? (if yes how or to what extent)
Anything else you want to tell us
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