January 1942, a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The month before, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy had declared war on the United States in response to the US declaring war on the Japanese Empire. And then, the unthinkable happened. Something that no one was ready for.

A race of extraterrestrials called Devastians landed. Their leader, the Devastian Queen, made contact with the F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany. She told him that many of her own soldiers had infiltrated the Nazi Party and were working undercover, disguised as German soldiers. They had been doing reconnaissance missions, and now, she figured, was a good time to reveal herself.

She offered the Axis Powers the chance to expand intergalactically, and they graciously accepted. Earth's Axis Powers joined with Devastus and another planet, Viculai, along with a few other planets Devastus had conquered to create the InterGalactic Axis Confederation, or I.G.A.C.
In addition, to appeal to other planets and races, they came up with N.O.I.S.E. Also known as The New Order of Intergalactic Socialist Extremists.

Meanwhile, a few close-by races, that had been content with watching Earth's humans go about their own business, were irked by Devastus' involvement in Earth affairs. They quickly retaliated, appearing before the United States president, and soon, with Earth's Allied Forces, formed the Extra Universal Allied Races, or E.U.A.R.

World War II isn't just a world war anymore. It has expanded into the surrounding space, and beyond. Tensions are mounting. Which side are you on?

Are you an Ally? Fighting for your country or planet? Fighting for what's right?

Or do you wish to command, conquer, and dominate with the Axis?

It's your decision to make. Either way, things are going to get very hairy, very soon.

((OOC Note: This is an alternate reality or alternate dimension role-play.
No one will judge you on which side you choose. After all, it's all in good fun.))