Attention! We are closing due to a lack of activity and member interest until the school season is over or interest picks up. Shut down date is Monday, Sept 26th. I will be in the Guild Chat at 2pm MDT every day up to and including then, and then the guild topics will all be locked.

In a galaxy a thousand light years from Earth, with humanity and its allies entering a bloody civil war, who will emerge victorious? Join the Empire,Rebels,or Underworld, and shape the fate of the galaxy! With tons of customization options, side quests and more, you'll never be bored here. In the grim darkness of space, there is only war, adventure, and survival.

This guild is for literate to semi-literate roleplayers. We expect you to fully use your skills while you are here, and give at least one to two paragraphs per post, if not more. It depends on your ability and skill with writing.

You will have the freedom to create your character's race, as well as their class, but your final profile will be approved by a crew member, vice captain, or myself before being used. This is to avoid issues such as godmoding and having overpowered characters, weapons, etc.

This Roleplay also will span the entire guild, with a smaller subforum for other types of roleplays available as well. We are not all business and strictness here, we emphasise fun above all else!

We do not need donations, keep your gold and buy yourself something!

To Join

Send a request to join with the following

Skill Level: (ie literacy)

Years RP-ing:

Roleplaying Sample: Give us a good example of how you roleplay.