A guild where those who are sleepies prowl and hunt for other sleepiness friends and family. A home for all that are in need of others like their-self.

Guild Owner: MistyMary24

Guild Mule: MistyMarria24

December 50/50 Raffles

1 Ticket = 1,000 Gold
12 Tickets = 10,000 Gold

Make all trades with MistyMarria24
Put Raffle in the Title

Current Contest
Autumn TekTek Contest
Fishing in the Deep Sea
Battle of the Night Hawks
Snow TekTek Contest

Current Voting

Guild Chat Thread

Guild Affiliated
Mystical Booty Grabbing Guild - Owned by MistyMary24
MistyMary24 Glow/Bump Thread - Owned by MistyMary24
Mystical Charity - Owned by MistyMary24

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Guild Banners and Bumpers

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Guild Donations
Make all guild Donations to MistyMarria24 and not to the front page here.
Can not excess money donated to front page for contest or guild events.