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Let's start this story off with a 'Once Upon a Time...', but let me warn you, this story is not for the faint of heart, this is a dark tale, not the fairy tale mothers should be telling their daughters. The tale that's about to be told involves creatures of the darkness, horrible creatures, mean creatures. Dark creatures such as phantoms, vampires, witches, and demons. Witches are burned if caught alone, vampires tend to keep to themselves, phantoms are souls that regretted something in their life and are held by their 'unfinished' business to the world, they are able to touch and feel and act like normal people, but they cannot eat, or go to the bathroom. Demons, are the ones that you really have to worry about, Demons are purposely trying to cause harm to people...

Now that we've covered the basics...

Once Upon A Time, a family lived in a bright and beautiful castle, in a 'feudal' Edo, invthe 1870'. The castle's name is 'Blair Castle'. It used to be perfect, until the castle queen was kidnapped and a dark curse was set upon Edo, causing the once invisible creatures of darkness to walk among the living.

The royal family and any friends, family, knights, servants, need to find the Queen and break the curse before terror reins at the fourth full moon.

♥Remember* Be yourself, have fun!
♥Reminder* Keep it 18+
♥Repeat*Do not god mod.

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