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Welcome to Horrorize!
This guild was once dedicated to Horror, but recently, it more or less became a hang out spot where we talk about all sorts of things. Video Games, movies, music, whatever. Most of us are still horror fans, so feel free to join up and talk about the stuff you've been playing, watching, listening to recently!

Qualifications for Application:
You can be the biggest horror buff in the world. Maybe you're new to horror altogether. It doesn't matter.
What DOES matter is how you'll contribute to the guild itself. So you can talk about whatever you want in the application, as long as you prove to us that you can put up a good conversation.
Remember your spelling and grammar, kids!

Mortal Kombat: This used to be the Official Mortal Kombat guild, so if you're a fan of Mortal Kombat, we still have a whole subforum dedicated to it. And if that's your only reason to be here, you're more than welcome.