Hello and welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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How to Get Started?
1) Post a Profile. Student, teacher... or do you want a job at a shop or in the Ministry?
2) Apply For Classes (If you're in 3rd year or above!)

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Extra Information

This guild is set a long time after the Dark Lord was defeated, so all the previous staff are gone e.g there is no hagrid! sad

Try it out! If you don't like it, tell me how I can make it better in the suggestion box.

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Once you have graduated (completed 7th year)
Don't worry, it's not all over! You can get a job. You can work at the joke shop, the sweet shop, or anywhere else in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. Go to the 'Hogsmeade' subforum or 'Diagon Alley' subforum to see all the places you could get a job in! Also, the Ministry of Magic is open for wizards and witches, you can be a guard, a hunter for dark wizards or finding functions of muggle products! Subject to availability - we don't want too many people working in one place!

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P.S. There is a Join Request, where you must answer the following questions.

1. Have you read the entire series?
2. Have you watched the entire series?
3. Do you have a Pottermore account?
4. In the first book, The Pholosephers Stone, there is a series of puzzles Harry and his friends must complete to get the stone. What is the one the film missed out?
5. In the last film, (SPOILER ALERT!) how does Dobby die?

You don't have to get all of them right, you just need to show that you know enough about Harry Potter to be able to role play about it.