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Year 2020
Time of Year Heading to School
Weather Hogwarts - Sun Showers || Hogsmeade Village - Cloudy
Diagon Alley - Sunny

                          Welcome to Hogwarts
                          School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

                          Welcome staff and students to a new begin here at Hogwarts. With the muggles wide acceptance of witches I know many of you are excited to show off your magic outside of school but I would like to remind all students that this isn't acceptable.

                          Year of Event

                          Muggles have discovered that everything from the Harry Potter movies was true, except well they recently graduated! Still, the muggles had fallen in love with the characters thus have decided to accept the Witches. After all the witches protected them from the darkness more than try to harm them.

                          With Muggles worldwide learning of magic and, to the Witching Community surprise, of their acceptance. Muggles and Wizards now walk side by side. Yes, some witches are still not used to it and hide from the muggles but for the most part, it seems like everyone is accepting.

                          Still, there is the Second Salemers about who say that magic is evil. They pledge to hunt down all witches and cleanse them of their dark ways.

                          Will the Second Salemers ruin the peace between the muggles and the witches? Or will they fade away?

                          How to Join
                          When joining please give us a sample of your roleplay style. This can be anything even a link to a place you role-played before or a quick sample off the top of your head. Please also let us know if anyone invited you to join.

House Points

Hufflepuff -- 020
Gryffindor -- 005
Slytherin -- 025
Ravenclaw --- 015