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At one time all was normal for the characters in Disney movies. They had the perfect lives, had the perfect families and the best out comes anyone could ever have. But unfortunately, that all changed. On the anniversary of Walt Disney's birth day, something magical happen or what should have been. Upon this day, Disney characters started disappearing from their movies. Where did they go? Who on earth would do something so tragic? No one knew. The characters or should I say people are now residing in New York. They have lost their memories... Well... Memories about ever being in movies. Now that they are living in New York, they now have to start a new life. Whether they find there once true loves or find new ones, the characters of the Disney franchise will have to adjust to the situation... Permanently!

1) Profile must be approved before you can start posting. You will know when your character has been claimed when You check the Character Claim section in the Profile sub-form.

2) I would prefer everyone to use photos of real people. I want them to look closely to the Disney character you will be using.

3) Please Be at least semi-literate please (5 - 10 lines minimum)

4) Keep cussing to a minimum (Occasional cussing is allowed, when used to promote a stronger emotion within your character). Absolutely no cussing at another member. Let's respect others.

5) Follow Gaia's TOS.

6) No T3XT T@LK

7) Please put a picture of your character in each post! Let's make our posts something others will want to look at!

8 ) Use quotes when talking.

9) Place any ideas for new topics in the Suggestions topic. Do NOT make any new topics

10) Please be active! If you can't post for some reason, please tell your RP partner, if you can. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please post your reason in the "Absences" post (It can be something as simple as "Going away for personal reasons. May be away 1 or 2 weeks). If not, we may accidentally delete you!

11) Never use - or ~ when performing an action. Make it into a sentence.

12) Characters can only be in one place at a time! Do not post the same character in every thread at the same time!

13) You can have as many character as you can handle.