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_______ THEY CAME LAST NIGHT ________

_______ IS OUR GOVERNMENT COVERING IT UP? ________ June 17, 2021

User Image Last night, on June 16, 2021 at 10:30 P.M. our noisy city was thrown into silence as right outside the city there came loud crash right after most of the people in the city witnessed a bright UFO falling right out of the sky. According to eye witnesses the UFO struggled in the air for a while before it fell right out of the sky with a flash of bright light. Soon the silence was broken by the sound of fire trucks, police sirens, and government vechiles that rushed to the scene. They wouldn't let us out of the city to check the scene for ourselves; telling us that it was too dangerous and there hazardous gases in the air. Hazardous gases? Really? More like they are protecting the monster that was most likely in that ship. We caught up with an eye witness of the crash who had been out in a feild close to the crash during the time. "It was crazy man, I never seen anything like it before. It was so loud. I don't know what it was but I know its not from earth. Its like one of those alien pods or something," says eye witness, Tommy Wheeler.

When we tried to ask the police that were blocking off the city about the possible suspected UFO. They just snuffed us off saying they knew nothing about any UFO or hazardous gases. Leave it to our county's police to be sitting around scratching their heads. Honestly what are our taxes paying for? Their dougnuts? The police cheif seemed to be hiding something, snuffing off our questions like we were crazy.

This morning at 6:00 A.M. the mayor made an address with some government officials. Telling the whole city, it was merely a meteor that had fallen. Appearently, the mayor takes the whole city to be fools that live in a hole. A meteor that bright? And that big? No, Mayor. Ninety percent of the city say that supposed 'Meteor' and I can speak for all of us that we are in agreement that wasn't a meteor. So your people demand real answers! Is the government hiding a monsterous alien from beyond our galaxy?

Written by Ashton Carr of the Cityside News

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Without him we wouldn't have this role-play
Its orginally his idea. He came up with the general idea of the role-play.
So think of him as a very important member of this guild. Give him your up most respect.

Splicing Heros Guild


Welcome to Splicing Heros a role-play about aliens and super heros. More specifically a group of one alien and his team of four alien spliced super humans working for director of A. I. C. ((Alien Intelligence and Control)). Fighting against criminals and aliens that pose a threat to Earth. However, they are seen more then just average people, to society they are super heros. So this is their story of protecting their true idenity and trying to find their place in the world why they try to defend it. This is a semi - literate role-play and long term. So don't just join and go poof.

Role- Play Theme Song By Will Smith

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Subject ZM-392, an alien of extreme intelligence. This alien crash landed on earth on June 16 in the year 2021. At first, we feared he might be a threat but it seemed under drugs and survillance we noticed that he shows that hes really not any threat to anyone. Even more so he learns very quickly, hes already learning english enough to understand us. We wonder if we can take his DNA and splice it with DNA of humans in an attempt to make better humans. Humans mixed with his alien DNA, we have to try it.

They did try it. Doctor Lenkey created the perfect serum to be used on humans. With humans of the right DNA, it should make them half alien. But with the human of the wrong DNA order. Well she didn't know what would happen. However, she didn't know if it was safe or not. Her daughter, a fragile young thing, couldn't let her mother test such a thing on humans without being sure it worked. Even if they were clones that were born from the DNA of scientists for this very purpose. But this serum would mutate their genes and it was very possible that it would kill them. And Ashley had grown attached to the clones and couldn't see anything bad happen to them. Even though she didn't have the proper DNA to test it on herself, she still tested it to be sure it was safe.

Ashley did live, but she became a genius. Not like a normal human genius, there doesn't seem to be anything that she can't do. She is a super genius. The serum worked and it was safe. The serum was then used on the clones. The effects on the clones were even more beautiful, where as will Ashley, the serum mutated her before plateauing. The serum has yet to settled in the clones; their powers are only beginning to develop they are going to become more. Also they mutated differently from each other, they have different abilities. One has telepathy and one is faster and stronger then the avarage human but the other two. They were a little harder to figure out. The girl, we finally figured out that she is able to talk to plants and animals, and the male, he caught himself on fire but it had no effect on him at all. Hes immune to fire. And their powers are only beginning to develop.

Once the scientists were sure that the subjects weren't a danger to themselves or anyone else, they put them in the same room with the alien to which from his DNA they were mutated. Subject ZM-392, or Vincent as he called himself. In the same room for about an hour they didn't speak, the alien just watched them. Fasinated by the mutations caused by his DNA. They all looked so human but they didn't have the feel of being a whole human. After about an hour, finally Vincent said something to them. They all hit it off pretty well and a new branch of government was born A.I.C. a defense against criminals and Alien terrorism. Ashley with her new found genius became the director of the program working with the government. Ashley moved them into a mansion with her, a beautiful mansion where they could learn to coupe in the real world and have a somewhat normal life. And after a little while, their little group became super heros in the public's eyes. With their own super hero costumes and names and everything. Making trying to live a normal life even harder. When they aren't fighting criminals and possible invading aliens, they have to deal with the drama of daily life.

__________ House Rules __________

User ImageBasics
This is a long term role-play that is semi literate. So do not be posting one liners, you can give me atleast a good paragraph. Spelling errors are fine, so long as they are not every other word. Do not send me a request and never give me profile, do not send me a profile and never post. Do not post once and like go off into the great unknown somewhere. No cybering, thats a given. No unreasonable god-moddeling (Which means your not allowed to like kill a character or chop their arm off). Be realstic about whats going on, yet be creative (Does that make sense?). Please be respectful to me and other role-players to increase the happiness in this role-play. If you have any questions about the rules, please feel free to pm and ask me. I will be happy to clear up any questions or doubts you may have. Just be sure to tell me which role-play its for because I have alot of role-plays. Another note, is Mangetsu_Tatsumasa2280 does have the right to kick you out of the role-play if your being a jerk to people and I will kick you out too if your being disrespectful. I want this to be a fun role-play for everyone. So lets all be nice to one another.

Fight Scenes
If you get in a fight. Be reasonable about it. You can get hurt even with your powers. In fact theres a little section in the profile that you have to put down your character's weaknesses. And that doesn't mean things like math; no, it means what their kryponite is. I don't want to see god-modding like, your not allowed to cut someones arm off. Fight scenes can be graphic and bloody, so if you want to describe fights detailed just keep in mind not to go over board and make it have gore.

I would like beautifully decorated posts, aleast title your post with their name and put a small picture of them to the side. I ask that text be size 9 or 10 because I can't stand big text and that when they are speaking that it has " " around the words and that the words are bolded and when they are thinking its put in italics. Please refrain from coloring your text in colors that could blind a person trying to read like Cyan. When your writting keep in mind to give me details, I don't expect you to be like super details and be detailed about every little thing but for like example: don't just say "She picked up a mirror" be more like "Name picked up a old fashion gold hand mirror with her off hand", Again, I don't expect you do this over every little thing. And don't over use She/ He, use your character's name. By that I mean don't start every sentence with He or She. Be sure to use a form of OOC if your talking out of character, don't make people have to guess, it gets really confusing.

Language and contant
I allow bad languge, cursing. It happens in real life; just do not abuse it and go over board. I want to not only see romance but also, action and comedy! (My girls are the worse about this) Be creative and if you want to create npcs to do things, thats perfectly fine but be careful not to over do it. If your character is speaking a different language then english, you can do that but just put the translation for what they said at the bottom of your post.

There isn't just characters mentioned in the storyline in the role-play. If you want to play a villian or another super hero thats not mentioned in the storyline thats just a solo hero, your more then welcome to! ^.^ If you want one of the super heros in the storyline be sure to send me a reservation for them before you start making the profile. Because I strongly believe in first come, first serve. So if you did all that work on their profile and someone sent me a profile for the same character before you, they will get it. Meaning you did all that work for nothing and that makes me feel terrorible to do that to people. So I can't stress enough to send me a reservation ahead of time. And if your going to take one of those characters be sure your going to be on to play that character, don't just post two times and go poof. These characters are important.

Right, finally profiles. Everyone's favorite part. Be creative about your character. Don't pretty much copy another character and don't just blow off the background. Do a really good background, everyone has a past. Even then clones. Be unqiue. I know thats asking alot for some people, but please just humor me. ^.^ Try not to mess up the profile format; I can fix it if I really need to but I don't want to have to fix your entire profile. When you are finished with your profile send it to me through a private message titled "City Lights" and this will tell me that you were amazing enough to read through all of my rules. Forgive me while a ramble on and on for a little bit for the people that don't really read the rules and just skim. I know there is those people that do that. Which I don't understand why because if they miss something, they will make a mistake in the role-play. Thank you everyone that read my rules ^.^ you know your awesome!