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~Grey Matter~

This guild is for the duality of writers and role players a like, whether you're just looking for an audience for your story, players for your idea, those that share a like mind or to enjoy an awakened sense of creative ardor.

Writers block? Let us brainstorm it away

Bursting at the seams with great ideas for a collaborative rp? Find your team mates here

Enjoy playing a fantastically antagonizing antagonist (villain)? We all love a good villain.

All genre's are welcomed, You're grammar will not be hounded. (We all make mistakes, as long as you put effort into your works and its understandable its fine.)

We will also be hosting various contests for both creative writing and rp related instances with a fair amount of random giveaways thrown in between to keep it lively

First Contest prize is
Demon Vassal

If you'd like to join submit this form please.


What do you hope to find/ accomplish here?
a bit about yourself
Preferred genre
Are you more a writer or a role player?