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Khairete! By the grace of Zeus, enforcer of hospitality, we welcome you to our world of Myth and Legend!

This guild is for people who share an interest in, fascination with or obsession for Greek Mythology in all its splendor. If mighty heroes, terrible monsters and fickle gods are your thing, then you're in the right place! Although be sure to come armed with a mythology textbook, you may need it to beat away aspiring mythologists.

Makarioi esoisthe! Oh, and be sure to leave your sword and sandals outside when you come in.

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If you want to join, you have to take a simple quiz which tests your basic knowledge of Greek Mythology. Include your answers in the application post. Don't worry if you get a couple wrong, we're pretty lenient. However, if you don't take the quiz at all, we will be forced to refuse your application until you do.

Greek Mythology Guild Application Quiz

• Which three Olympian gods ruled over the skies, the seas and the underworld?

• Name the primordial goddess of the Earth and the primordial god of the Sky.

• What was the eternal punishment of the mighty Titan named Atlas?

• What was the Twelfth and final labor of the legendary hero Herakles?

• Jason and the Argonauts set sail on a quest to obtain what precious treasure?

• Name the winged horse which became the steed of the hero Bellerophontes.

• The Gorgon named Medousa was vanquished by which hero?

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Guild Members should heed these rules and guidelines. Failure to uphold them can result in temporary or permanent banning from the Guild.

Follow the TOS rules.
This one's a no-brainer. The Terms of Service are there for a reason.

Posts are expected to be literate.
TXT or Chat speak is not permissible. We expect to see an appropriate level of grammar and spelling in this forum. Of course, we won't harshly enforce this rule, but you may be warned if you consistently post in a sloppy manner.

No Spamming or bumping.
Spamming and bumping is expressly forbidden, unless a moderator permits it. Topic Polls should also be avoided unless they are intended to be a focal point of the thread discussion, as with popularity polls and so on.

Know what you are talking about, and look it up if you don't.
If you are unsure about a particular myth or mythological figure, then it is advised that you find out about it on the internet or in a book, or better yet, ask another guild member about it.

There are different versions of every myth.
Do not consider the version of the myth you know to be the only version. Greek myths occur in many variants and with many interchangeable details. In some myths, Prometheus frees Athena from Zeus' head. In other myths, Hephaistos is the one to do it. Both versions are acceptable and do not overrule each other.

In conflicting cases, seniority and sensibility applies.
However, if one version of a myth needs to be selected over others, the oldest or most sensible myth is preferred. With the above example, Hephaistos is usually described as being born after Athena, so the Prometheus version is the more consistent.

Greek names should be spelled correctly.
If you are unsure how to spell a name, then look the proper spelling up. Variant names, transliterations and Roman names are accepted, but must still be correct. Hephaistos, Hephaestus, and Vulcan are acceptable. Hephastos, Hephustis, Herphestes etc are unacceptable. Zeus, Jove and Jupiter are acceptable. Zues is NOT.

The Golden Rule.
Have fun. Fun fun fun!

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The Guild is divided into a main forum and several subforums which serve more specific purposes.

The Greek Mythology Guild Main Forum.
Here you can post in or create any discussion pertaining to Ancient Greek Mythology. Before you create a new thread, be sure to check that it belongs in the main forum, and not in one of the subforums below.

The Agora: Mythical News Forum.
This forum is operated by Hermes the Herald, and features a news thread which pokes fun at many elements of classical mythology. Feel free to join Hermes' crew if you feel you have something to contribute, or simply to comment on.

The Mouseia: Art and Fiction Forum.
This forum is for guild members who wish to post original artwork, avatars, poetry, stories or plays based on the themes and characters of Greek Mythology. Members can post their work in a new thread or in one of the existing category threads.

The Bacchanalia: Roleplaying Forum.
This forum is where Guild members may join in on the various Mythology themed roleplays, or start their own. Recruiting threads, idea threads and out-of-character chat-threads are also permitted, but should be named appropriately.

The Sibylla: Modern Myth Forum.
This is where Guild members can post about anything that pertains to more modern takes on Classical subjects. Literature, cinema, videogames and so on. Anything that references Mythology in a contemporary context should go here.

The Symposia: Crew Discussion Forum.
This forum is where the Crew may discuss administrative matters amongst themselves. Members will never know what goes on behind its mysterious doors...actually, it's virtually empty, you aren't missing out on anything!

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For any questions, complaints or suggestions, please don't hesitate to visit the Guild Captain in the Land of Shades.