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In the year 2113, the realm of mythology revealed itself to man. First came the dwarves, feathered harpies, and trolls of the northern Loki Mountains. Then came the sirens, mermaids/mermen, and water sprites of the southern Nāmaka Island and surrounding seas. Soon after came the dragonoids(humanoid dragons), elves, and forest nymphs of the eastern Pangu Forest. Finally came the demons, banshees, and the undead of the Thanatos Forest. After a few minor wars, they all began to live in peace, though some hatreds remained. Soon enough, humans began to join the other beings in their lands, and peace continued.

In the year 2136, the Thanatos Forest became a barren land, and humans that chose to stay ended up becoming poltergeist. Humans built a city in a gorge at the Loki Mountains, some joining the dwarves and trolls in the mines. Some people built a small city on Nāmaka Island. And soon, humans joined the elves and dragonoids in the city in the Pangu forest. All races were allowed into the cities, and peace continued.

In the year 2158, a man named Gerald Leonid General invented G.E.A.R.S, Gunnery. Equipped. Aegis. Robotic. Suits. Large, piloted, combat machines that could be equipped for just about every situation. Soon enough, every civilization had them, and altered the design to fit their cultures, specifications, and technology. Soon enough, each nation had whole armies of G.E.A.R.S, ready to advance at a moments notice.

In the year 2170, the nations discovered a golden orb, built eons ago by a group of sages. The orb seemed to be able to adapt to G.E.A.R.S, making them stronger, faster, lighter, and all around better than others. Many hunted the orb, and it was not long before it was found.

In the year 2173, the nations went to war. They all fought to take control of the orb, waging battle after battle, and bringing about mass environmental destruction. No side would back down for anything.

In the year 2182, the last surviving sage of the group that created the orb returned to the world. He took the orb, and lifted it into the air. It released an energy wave that shut down all of the G.E.A.R.S, guns, and bomb on the battlefield. He told the people "If this continues, you will only destroy the world. Thus, every five years, a competition shall be held. The wining nation shall claim the orb, and all it's power." And so, the nations reluctantly ended their war, and agreed to make a competition where the best G.E.A.R.S pilots would fight to claim the orb. During these competitions, the sage would keep the orb, seeing as though it's power would give one team an advantage over the rest.

In the year 2190, the city "Enlightenment" was built, made to be the place where the G.E.A.R.S competition would be held. The first competition being in 2195. Soon, the humans there gained robotic parts, thus becoming cyborgs. Then robots gained artificial intelligence, though they didn't become anti-human killing machines. And soon after robot, androids(robots that look like humans) were built. These people became the main inhabitants of the city, and soon they built their own G.E.A.R.S, joining the competition for the Golden Orb.

Now, in the year 2215, the G.E.A.R.S competition has begun. The previous winners being the people of the eastern Pangu Nation. The "Greater G.E.A.R.S," the best G.E.A.R.S models the nations have to offer, have been gathered in the districts reserved for each nation, in the bases built with the themes of each nation in mind. The sage has taken possession of the orb, and now the teams, comprised of the best mech pilots and engineer teams of each nation, are coming together to compete once again for the prize.

The G.E.A.R.S Competition has begun!
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