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The beginning of existence for the Galactic Federation starts in 14,000 B.C., Earth Standard Years (ESY), when several colony ships containing humans crash land on the surface of an almost entirely water-based planet, home to the native Dojourians, who happen to be water dwellers. The humans set up a small civilization that soon came into contact with the native species, and started a civil war among the two people. However, after two thousand years of fighting, neither side was able to gain the upper hand and ultimately destroy the other race. A peace conference was held, where the Dojourians and the Humans agreed to coexist, thus the founding of the government of Dojouro, in 12,000 B.C. ESY.

The two races slowly started to interbred, forming a third race on the planet, which was simply a hybrid of the two races. As the population started to grow at a progressive rate, the government of Dojouro realized it needed to expand, and the only place to expand was upwards. In 10,000 B.C. ESY, the government of Dojouro launched its first craft into space and thus began to space age for Dojouro. A new government was formed following the colonization of Dojouro's lush moon Iello. This new government, the Confederacy Empire quickly began to grow, with other parts of the Dojouro System being colonized, and then crafts leaving the system to contact other races and colonize other worlds. The Imperial Charter was signed by three other races, the Tarsonians (residents of Tarsonis), the Antigans (residents of Antiga), and the Otami (residents of Otereo). Many other species would sign the Charter as the Empire grew and expanded.

And so the Confederacy Empire, over the next ten thousand years, grew into a near galactic Empire. Some regions of space resisted the Empire's spread, but those regions were on the outer rim of the galaxy, and not much of a concern to the Confederates. However, the prospect of exploring another galaxy remained on the minds of many scientists and governmental leaders. A new jump drive was invented which would carry the exploration ships of the Empire across the reaches of space between the galaxies. Striking out from the Andromeda Galaxy, the first Confederate ships reached the Milky Way Galaxy around 400 A.D. ESY. One of the first planets discovered, the Confederates would later learn, was a small backwater planet named Earth.

The Confederates returned to Earth approximately one hundred and fifty thousand years later, during Earth's "World War" era. It was determined that the population of this planet was far too hostile to make first contact, though Confederate fighters skimmed the airspace of battles occurring, and decided to return later to re-evaluate the species. It was during the time between contact with Earth that the Veila family took control of the Confederacy Empire. Two hundred years later, a small scout ship slipped in to the Sol System and determined the species contactable. With the return of the time to contact Earth, the daughter of the Emperor, Princess Tahiri Veila, volunteered for the operation.

The Princess infiltrated Earth's government and acquired a position in one of Earth's defender organizations, the Terran Federation. She monitored Earth and its defenders for several months, recording what she could about the race so similar to her father's. Not too long after her arrival at Earth, a rival organization of the Terrans, by the name of Raven's Nest. Raven's Nest was far too powerful for the Terrans to stand up to, and so Tahiri determined it was time for Earth to know exactly who the Confederacy Empire was.

She took the ship assigned to her by the Terran Federation and returned to the Confederacy Empire, where she assumed control of an entire battle fleet, then returned to Earth. She participated in a large battle where upon the Confederacy defeated the Raven's Nest fleet and its leader, Chaos. Thus, the Confederacy entered into an alliance with the Terrans and began protecting Earth. However, all good things must come to an end, and Emperor Veila, Tahiri's father, ordered her to take over the Terran Federation for the Empire.

Surprisingly, the Raven's Nest, and an ally, the Gaian Marine Corps, came to their defense. Fighting against three fleets, the Confederacy was overwhelmed and forced into submission. During a peace conference between the four nations, Tahiri Veila met her soon-to-be-husband Jusuchin Panjirinanu. It was also at this conference that the treacherous Raven's Nest attempted a coup to eliminate the three other leaders all at once, but with cooperation, the three nations escaped the trap and brought Chaos before the new council. His nation defeated, he was forced to disband his mass weapons and join the alliance. After some time, his nation willingly joined the alliance. Earth became a close ally of Dojouro, and the Earthling culture began to mingle with Dojourian.

Emperor Jeb Veila, disgraced by the order to betray the alliance with the Terrans, stepped down from the throne and Tahiri Veila was crowned Empress. Soon after, she married Admiral Jusuchin Panjirinanu, solidifying the alliance between Dojouro and Earth. However, their happiness did not last long, as Raven's Nest betrayed their alliance again and attacked Confederate forces. Tahiri, enraged that the alliance was broken, saddled her people's deadliest weapons, the Planet-Killers, and went on a war path. She cornered the forces of Raven's Nest at Earth was set to destroy the planet to destroy Raven's Nest.

It was then that Jusuchin's forces arrived, and he maneuvered his ships between hers and the Raven's Next fleet. She ordered him to stand down, and he refused. She warned that she would not hesitate to fire on him as well, and he issued her the challenge to do it. She then realized that her actions were wrong, when even the man she loved was defending their enemy, and so her ships disappeared into cloak and her forces fled the system.

She took several months of meditation to come to grips with her failure to maintain control. It was then that a small shuttle arrived at Earth with a very pregnant Empress aboard. She contacted Jusuchin, and begged him to take her back, which he did, and the alliance between Earth and Dojouro was reinstated. She soon later gave birth to twins, the first of many in an interbreeding between Earth and Dojouro.

New treaties were negotiated with Raven's Federation, a reformed Raven's Nest, along with new treaties with the Terrans, the Gaian Marine Corps, and a few other residents of the Milky Way. A new flagship, the Empress' Fate was constructed. It was then that a colony ship dispersed to a third galaxy, communicated success as well as first contact with another government. An alliance was negotiated with the Omega Militant Forces as the Confederacy's influence spread further.

After years of ruling, Tahiri Veila Panjirinanu turned her throne over to her half-sister, Ellinore Veila. Ellinore was unlike her sister in that she was much more conceited. She believed that the Confederacy Empire should control Earth and so she severed the alliances with the Earthlings. This greatly angered Tahiri. With help from her previous Executive Officer on the ex-flagship Pride-C, Tahiri staged a rebellion on the ship, and with allied officers, fled to Earth. Thus the War of Freedom began. Loyalists to Tahiri Veila defected and participated in a battle of Jupiter, where the Empire's Sol base was located.

With control over Angelic Layer, the Restoration Alliance began to strike into the Empire, with help from their allies. Quickly gaining support, the Restoration Alliance began liberating worlds from the clutches of the corrupt Empress Ellinore Veila. A final, devastating battle took place in orbit of Dojouro, that saw the near destruction of the Empress' Fate as well as the loss of many lives. The final battle also saw the capture of Empress Ellinore Veila and the end of her short reign.

A new government was declared among the survivors of the Empire and the Restoration Alliance. What rose out of the Empire was the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds, the first democracy the galaxy knew. By popular vote, Tahiri Veila Panjirinanu was elected Head of State and began to rebuild the worlds devastated by the war. However a new problem arose, with many planets making their own bids for independence. After just coming out of one war, a new one brewed.

Tarsonis, tired of the conceived mistreatments of the Empire declared its independence first, and formed the Tarsonian Quadrant. Many other planets joined the Quadrant and openly opposed the Galactic Federation. Diplomacy between the two governments failed and war erupted. The weakened Federation was forced to quickly strengthen its navy and use force against the Quadrant. The war only lasted two years, until ties between Quadrant members began to disintegrate. The Federation took advantage of the disintegration and took the Quadrant apart. Its leaders, those who didn't defect, were court marshaled and imprisoned, and the planets were reintegrated into the Federation, with proper treaties.

The Galactic Federation moved on to assist their long time allies, the Terran Federation in a three part war against the Infected, the Creators, and the Bane.