○Gaia Old-Timers!○

The Gaia Old-Timers Guild is dedicated to all of those who have been around from 2003-2009. We are the some of the original Avi's of Gaia. In this Guild you can chat with people, become friends, RP, enter contests/win prizes and most importantly, have fun!

Note Everyone wishing to join MUST READ through the entire front page, otherwise your request will unfortunately be declined!

OhEmGee, spotlighted 1/11/2011
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Fellow Old-Timers!

Remember in the beginning, when being a part of Gaia, a Guild or just having fun, was exciting?

Not having to worry about
-Cyber Creeps
-Bump Spamming Noobs
-Friend Requests that quickly turned into beg requests
-People who only post nonesense and simply come into a forum just to be seen
and heard, but not being the slightest bit creative or interesting

Well, no fear! There is a Guild, that is dedicated to upholding all that is
original and fun!
In this Guild, you will find people who are willing to RP, chat, come up
with ideas on how to improve the quality of the Guild, coming up with new
ways to make it fun and more!

While it would be great to accept all of you wonderful Gaians, we are
dedicated to accepting only those who have been here since 2010, and prior.
Anyone who has joined from 2011-recently will not be accepted, due to the guild being aimed at "oldies" specifically.

For those of you wishing to join our Guild,
please fill out this short form

- In what year, did you originally join Gaia?
- Will you be active within the Guild, on a consistant basis?
- Will you add a banner/link to the guild in you're sig/profile?
- What is the overall reason for wanting to join?
- How did you find out about this guild? (gaia username)

Our rules of the Guild
1 Following all of Gaia's ToS, Guild FAQ, Rules etc
2 No begging others for items/gold (There are chartities for that!)
3 No spamming the guild
4 No stealing other people's art/written works

Guild banner *Please add to you're signature/profile to help support us!*

Copyright 2010

Please note We only accept donations through
, and NOT the guild donations option! We cannot do anything with that gold, so it would just be forever stuck in the guild.