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Welcome to the G CORP Support Main Facility.

G CORP has a tendency to disappear from the public view more often than never. At one point, it even seemed that the corporation had completely vanished for good.

Here at G CORP Support, it has always been our top priority to support G CORP's role in the official storyline, so that it will not vanish for good.

This facility works as a place for all the remaining Supporters.
Here all true supporters can gather to discuss facts and myths about the corporation including future projects, ideas, and plot.
Also important to note, is that we have our very own G CORP themed RP with a unique storyline, which everyone is more than welcome to participate in.

Support G Corp! Support Gaia! Support yourself!

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We will not be making any new subforums for a long, long time.
The money that goes there is completely wasted and useless to us.
If you want to donate, please do so directly to the GCS Donation Account

G CORP Support

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