The Story:

Planet Earth, Year: 2151 AD
Human Population: 300,000,000

A major cataclysm that became known as the "Apocalypse" occured in the year 2022 AD, bringing the planet into a seemingly endless winter. Most of the human population perished in the aftermath of the Apocalypse, and the remaining population works to rebuild civilization. During the years following the Apocalypse, strange creatures started appearing across the globe, attacking anyone who ventures out into the wilderness that is the planet. People have tended to gather in little pockets of civilization called "Havens", little pockets of civilization that grow where trade has rooted and grown.

Details of the Apocalypse:
Year: 2022 AD, October 22
Cause: Biotech Experiment
Details: In the year 2022 AD, a company called Biotech was conducting experiments to extend Human longetivity, under the project code name "E.L.F.E". During one experiment, a system error caused the safty mechanism on the main power core to fail, and the resulting explosion wiped half the continent of North America off the map, leaving a giant, ocean filled crater in its place. It also caused global economic and ecosystemic collapse. The world governments acted quickly to stop the spread of radioactivity from the explosion. Afterward, a manhunt began for the president of Biotech, but he was never found and was presumed dead. The US confiscated all remaining records of Biotech's research and learned of another, secret experiment that was conducted on the president of Biotech's daughter shortly before the "accident". Fearing the worst, they searched for her, too, but never found her. She, too, was presumed dead. Nothing has happened since that fateful day...

Present Day: 2151 AD, June
129 years have passed. Biotech reestablished itself in the year 2121 AD, and has since brought order to an otherwise shattered world. It has also created jobs to hunt and exterminate the monsters that plague the planet, giving people pupose and hope...or so it is thought...
Will you take up arms to help a shattered world?
Or will you stand back and do nothing?
What will you do?
The world awaits your decision.

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I had an idea for a webcomic, and have a basis for which to found it, but do not have any plot ideas. So I wish to base it off this RP guild. I'll handle drawing and story, the ideas for plot and plot advancement will come from this site. Any characters created will be introduced into the comic. To give me permission to use said characters, please post in a topic called "Permissions" later on. Thank you and have a nice day.