FindingFriends has been founded on the principles of friendship, respect and mentor-ship.

~~~If you were referred to this guild by another member, please tell us who that person is.

Our main goal is to give our members a person -younger or older- of the same gender to share life experiences, and help one another with the ups and downs of life. We also aim to create a community, in which our members are able to seek further bonds. In addition to our mentored roles, we host many events for our members and the occasional contest.

Before being accepted into the Guild, you will need to have answered the following questions. Failure to do so will result in you not being accepted. These questions will only take a minute to answer.

    1.What is your gender irl?
    2. What is your age? (This is vital because we need to know if you'll the be the big buddy or little buddy).
    3. Are you looking for a big buddy or do you want to be the big buddy?
    4. What are your hobbies?
    5. Use one word to describe your personality.
    6. What are you goals in life?
    7. Why do you want to be apart of this program?