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Good day to you.
This guild is not just for fencers, it is also open to those whom enjoy watching fencing, or are interrested in it.
Any one can join. Seriously. As long as you have some sort of interrest in fencing/swords.. So on and so forth...
Sabrists can join, foilists can join, epeeist can join. Non-fencers can join. Again, basicly everyone can. :]

So. Why'd I make this? "There already is a fencing guild!"
I'm well aware, my dears. I made this for a reason that... It's free. I don't force you into giving me gold, or giving gold to the guild. I simply don't see the point in forcing people to pay. That's my only reason.
And no. I have nothing against the other guild. I just don't like having to pay for things that should be free. :]

Simple Rules:
-Respect others in the guild! Everyone!
-TOS rules
-Post ATLEAST once a month. I understand that people are busy.. Hell, I'm getting around 4-6 hours of homework a night.. And I'm going back to the club soon, I don't always have time.. But I try to post... Please excuse my inability to create decent topics.
-Swearing is fine by me, but not to the extent of every other word.
-In join request put "Worms" if you read this...
-You can create topics. Just try to keep them atleast slightly related to fencing. :]

Update on April 5, 2006.