Current roleplays:
Bound and Beaten
Vampyrum Academy
Monsters and Men

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If you follow the rules, we can all have fun!

1. Follow Gaia ToS above all else.
2. Read all directions given.
3. Introduce yourself in the introductions forum. Failure to comply within 1 week will result in removal from guild. There is no room for wallflowers, we need those walls for our crayon drawings.
4. Use skeletons provided to build your character profile, otherwise they will not be accepted.
5. Preferably use a template when posting. Don't know how? Ask the guild captain and one will be made for you.
6. Roleplays will be in ONE forum as of 2015, and have subforums if necessary.
7. Idle chatter is to be kept within the BS Express. OOC notes are fine but don't make them excessive. One-shot stories may be posted in Fireplace Tales.
8. Roleplays inactive for over 1 year will be locked or deleted, with the exception of Fireplace Tales.
9. Enjoy yourself!