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The Town, The Cost, And the Reason:
Your angel has fallen from Heaven for a sin. They had to go through ten days of Hell, and have a chain around their neck, ten links long. You angel awakens one month after being sent down and find themselves in a long forgotten, uncharted, abandoned town. They will be confused, and they will have no memory of how they got there, or anything about the chain around their neck. Until they find out about it, it will remain invisible. Your angel will have an assassin on their heels, but even they had come with a price. Every angel, including the assassins, are Fallen, and they have the chain to prove it. If you do join, your angel must go through all this. But not to worry. If he or she looks hard enough, they will find allies to help them survive this harsh environment.

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The Forest:
The forest is a very harsh and unforgiving place. The only time you should go in is if you wish to die horribly. The last person who went in there barely made it out, and what he said is to horrible to describe. Every night, if you listen enough, you can hear the terror filled screams of everyone who got lost in the forest. You can also hear creatures munching on the bones of their victims, and even terrible fighting of two or more creatures. Bone chilling howls come from this horrid place, and if you look hard enough, you can see eyes staring at you though the darkness in the trees. No light ever gets in here; it has not seen actual sunlight for over five hundred years.


1 - You MAY fight, but NO killing WHATSOEVER!!! Anyone who kills another WILL be banned! I trust voodoo g will tell me if I miss something.
2 - Respect Bloodspill23 and voodoo g AT ALL TIMES! Remember, we CAN ban you. So don't push it.
3 - NO godmodding ((except for bloodspill23 and voodoo g that is))
4 - 3rd person rp ONLY
5 - Have fun
6 - Swearing is okay, just don't use REALLY inappropriate words. Yes, you know what I mean.
7 - ANY out of character comments must be in DOUBLE parenthesis (( ))
8 - ALL rp is to be in Myths of the White Lands.
9 - Spelling and punctuation matters A LOT!

((If you would like to help me with advancing this page, please let me know!))

Oh, by the way. For your RP character, you can put your own personality in them!
You can also have from one to twenty characters, but you have to be responsible for them. If you are gonna use one character, then just make the unused character leave.

BTW! This takes place is a modern, yet not, time. Like the turn of the century. There's light bulbs, and all that light stuff. But that's about the only modern thing, besides some guns here and there.