FILL OUT YOUR SCEDUALS PEOPLE...this is just a friendly reminder lol

Welcome to Experiment Omega.

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What you are about to see here
is confidential,and is not to be
spoken of to the public. After
reading this document, we hope
you will burn it....

30 years ago, a scientist named Chuck created a lab for human experimentation. This labs location is unknown, even to those who have escaped. For years Chuck worked to perfect his experiments, until one day he created Omega, little is known about this Experiment, and is said to still be in a stasis. Now chuck has begun focusing on gathering the experiments who escaped his lab but he has his challenges to
face….Paradox, the only other human who knows of his lab, and plans its downfall.

Paradox, A young scientist used to be with the experimentation, but saw what Chuck was attempting to do. So now he struggles to revile the lab with the help of the escaped experiments. Though things still uncertain, This struggle will continue for a long time. So lets RP and see

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Morin269 from now on will be the vice captain, if it wasn’t for him, this guild would not exist. His generous donation of 20,000 gaian gold to me made it possible for be to make the guild. If there are any questions, feel free to send me a gaianmail.1


When requesting to join this RP Guild, you must have the following

~ State whether you are considering on becoming a crew member or not, I would like to know this so I can see and tell you exactly what I expect of you in the rp if you end up a member of the Crew
~ Also, I would like to see a good sample of your role-playing, I expect it to be at least a paragraph long and sometimes, depending on the person, really detailed.
~ Please follow the TOS and such. We sincerely don't want to be deleted after saving 20,000! To make the guild, So please, it realy the only thing I truly ask of you, FOLLOW THE RULES!!!
we are still in the construction stage of our Guild. So have fun and RP your hearts out!

To those invited to join:

Why, you ask? Most likely the reason we invited you is because you look like a serious Role player who is dedicated, and can get on often. Also...it could be because we think we know you, or we were just bored XD

Please, as soon as you are accepted, post your profile in the Those who exists in the world of Omega, following the formats shown. As soon as you have done this, you can begin to post in your form,, or the spam threads!

Experiment Omega was designed to be a fun role-play, but evil just the same. The Experiments are not to be out of hand. Have fun and be creative when you are role-playing.