Why hello there~ hehe! Welcome to the very prestigious school built just for young Enchanters like you! Hm? My name? Oh yes yes! I am Headmaster Alexander Markov III! Just Headmaster Markov is fine, hehe~ Now! Uhm! Here in this prestigious school you will be learning from some of the finest teachers in the country! I interviewed them myself! Or they taught me at one point!


Oooh hehe sorry! That's my golem, Kalona! He's harmless.....kinda! Anywho! Do be warned! The school as well as our world is in the middle of one big civil war. The factions Golem's Wraith(who I have no idea who the leader is) and my very own faction The Enchant University Corporation have been caught in a decade long dispute! If golems, are partners should be used as nothing but war weapons or if they should remain as our friends, families! Which do you think? There's no pressure, hehe~ Well at least not from me!

All in all! Better hurry! Classes will be starting soon! I hope you're ready for a wild school year! Enchant On young
What is a golem you ask? Well, A golem is an Enchanters right hand man! The enchanters partner in crime! Be it a pet, butler, combat partner, heck all in one! Golems are typically created by an enchanter, merging some of their mana and the necessary items to give the assistant being life! Some golems are created or are passed down in your family line! How did you receive your golem?

Enchant University Coporation(EU Corps): You believe golems should remain our friends. You believe that an Enchanter shouldn't always rely on golems for power. You fight for what's just and true! The headmaster can't stop this war on his own! Would you lend a hand?

Golem's Wraith: You believe golems should be used for only one thing. Conquering. You wish to use golems to help you(or your friends) gain control over the country and soon the world. Golems are only servants right? Are you down for world domination?

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