The Story
ELIXIR IN THE MIXTURE is a story of two rival towns. The mayors have talked with each other and have decided it was time to be friendly. How were they to start? By the children. They added up both of their moneys, bulldozed both of the schools down and made a new one in the middle of both towns. Livalty, a town of thugs and gangstas. Simone, a town of rich snobs most heir to a fortune. How will the children take the news that they're having to be placed with total opposites?

The Rules
Pg 13! So nothing gory, no excessive drinking/smoking, and no sex.
Post in Third person past tense only please!
No one liners! You need to reply with at least 100 words. If you don't know how many you have, paste it onto a word counter or count them by hand.
No limit on characters. Just make as many as you think you can handle. You can always PM me with a new character - even after the rp's started.
If someone ends up with no muse, just continue the story as if their character(s) walked out. When that member has muse their characters(s) must somehow find a way back into the story.