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The main purpose of DU is to make friends within the clan and to have fun. We help each other on quests, bosses, and other events that may happen in the future.

Dragons United is more then a clan we are family every member will be seen as important no matter what. There is only 1 rule in this clan and it is respect your fellow clan member. We welcome all new dragons(people) we hope you join and fun with the others in the clan.

Please read before applying:

1. Copy and paste the application form in your post.
2. Fill out the necessary information.
3. Post the application in the thread.
4. If you have been accepted to the clan then your name should appear in the Member’s List as soon as I can get to it.
5. If you have not been accepted then you will be notified personally through PM in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise and be resolved through PM.

Application for the clan guild:
Years Playing Gaia:
How often do you play Gaia:
How often do you play zOMG:
Favorite ring in zOMG:
Is this your main account:

Application Example:
Username: Kenji Narashima
Years Playing Gaia: 1
How often do you play Gaia: Every day
How often do you play zOMG: Every day
Favorite ring in zOMG: Solar Rays
Is this you main account: yes