I'd like to welcome everyone to...

Dragonheart Fortress


You've been traveling for sometime and are slowly growing exhausted, seeking refuge from the sun. You notice a large castle-like building situated randomly in this forbidding desert, and head towards it.. You have arrived at the gate of the great Dragonheart Fortress.

This is a place for role-playing and discussion of; anime, console and PC games, related things, and just about anything else you wish really!

The gate opens.. On the other side you hear the merriment and spirited laughter of the inhabitants, soon after a young man approaches.. "I am Benny Dragonheart, and this humble abode is my home.. Heheh, so are you coming in?" He smiles and holds his hand out.

The "Chat here!" topic is used like a chat room on the games, so you can do whatever there.. It's probably the best place for a first post if your new, just to introduce yourself.

We have many sub-forums, with a wide variety of topics. Including one dedicated to role-playing.. Anybody interested is welcome to join in (especially beginners) and help mould future RP threads.

If you have any suggestions for the guild, please let us know, I'll try my best to accommodate all your needs.

Oh, and also make sure you read the rules!

News/Events: -

We also have a Facebook page, like us at https://www.facebook.com/DragonheartFortress

DF has moved to http://s4.zetaboards.com/Dragonheart_Fortress/index so please join us there!

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BTW.. Yes I am the same Benny from The Gallant Knights Of Valor clan.

Feel free to ask about the clan and/or join us! biggrin