Destiny Ship

Welcome to Destiny ship, a roleplaying guild built for those whom want to have

fun, but with directing guidelines to keep away complete chaos...

The guild of Destiny Ship is based on the world of Selfarion, which is inhabited

mainly by men, dwarves, elves, and other races. We go around with our

general, fun-loving, whimsical, sometimes nonsensical, crew. We sometimes

pillage, sometimes are the saviours, of a town. Destiny ship is looking to

replace it's old crew which wandered off (but old crew still welcome to return!).

Will you join us?

Exerpt from Xeg's Diary
DAY 1 of Captaincy.

Today I have returned to our ship, hoping that the evil misfortunes that plagued have left and never thought of us again. The Destiny ship was in rather a sore shape, and most of the wall and floorboards were rotting. I replaced some of the boards so that she is seaworthy, barely. I now have to go about replacing the cannons that are rusted shut or into pieces.

Before Senya left us, she placed command in KZN02. Now he too, has left, and our group disbanded. However, before our android from times long ahead left us, he placed unto me command. That if the evils that hunted us have ceased, for me to seek them [the crew members] out and Return them to the ship, where we belong. Using the magic that it took all of us together to create, I have sent messages to all of my old crewmates hiding in the corners of the world. The message has been sent... The question is,

Will they answer it?

The Call has been sent to all the corners of the world, Will you respond?