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WARNING: May contain mature themes like Drugs, Violence and Slavery

De Civitate Nocte, or more commonly known by the locals as the Eternal City of the Night, is a place where the nexus of parallel dimensions and timelines cross, where the inter-dimensional boundaries are paper thin. A city where humans, creatures of myth, Gods and demons all coexist together in something like harmony.

It is a dark and corrupt place, a city surrounded by the darkness of the Mysts, where the sun has never shone and never will. The only light that illuminates the City of Nocte comes from the two moons, one permanently in crescent phase called Lunacy and the other forever in full named Madness. So it is always midnight, the witching hour, the time when the monsters stir and the æther between worlds are at it's most vulnerable.

Gods and monsters walk openly along the shady streets, basking in the sleazy glow of hot neon, and every temptation you have ever lusted for in the darkest reaches of your heart is right there to be found, for a price. Most often, it is your soul that is at risk, or someone else's. Pleasure and horror are always on sale, marked down and only slightly stained.

You can find joy and terror, salvation and damnation, and even the answer to every question you have ever had. That is, if Nocte doesn't kill you first.