In the beginning we were all normal but then the plague came. Some thought it was a blessing, some know it's a curse. Every century a "Newborn" develops in the womb of an unexpected mother, her tears flow when the baby is born and it is marked with the symbols of the curse. Some grow up able to hide their marks, on their legs, inner thigh, on their breasts even, but some aren't so lucky. When an element dies, it's spirit simply falls into a deep sleep until a deserving child is born. The day the baby is born the elemental spirit takes over the babies body and they become one. They share the "vessel" and the child grows with the spirit as it's guidance. You would think wit this the world would be at peace... but no this would is also shared with the Hunters. They hunt us... they kills us with no feeling of remorse when they take the lives of the elements.