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These are the three beats of all history. No group is beyond these haunting sounds. No individual is immune from their effects. All shall be consumed by one note and be led to the next beat with renewed vigor.

However, any change requires a spark, a catalyst to begin its march down the halls of history. This spark could be something as small as an argument or as massive as the purposeful extinction of an entire race. Whatever the cause, the results are usually the same.

But what can possibly happen when factors beyond all feasible reckoning come into play? Are these factors a means to break the beats of life or are they simply a new extension of the age old catalyst?

Millennia ago, the world, whose name has since been forgotten, was in a turbulent era. A war had begun between the inhabitants that threatened to stop the beats of progress forever by cleansing the world of all living creatures. The gods saw this war and began to plot. Their creations couldn’t very well be allowed to destroy themselves and thus a balance had to be struck between the powers. And with this, the gods, known as Espers, released upon the world the power of the Crystals.

These massive structures of pure magic released great fortune upon the world and ended all conflicts. Prosperity was a word known to all.

The Crystals were divided amongst the nations and people of the world and with them, the mystical powers that the Crystals granted. The most prevalent of these powers came in the form of small, hand held stones known as Magicite. Each one holds the power of the Crystals and granted it user access to vast amounts of knowledge held by the Espers.

With this power, the world began to flourish.

However, the world itself was not ready for such power. To be frank, the people handled their new power with relative responsibility and care but the world around them was not ready. The world’s natural magic began to clash with the magic of the Crystals and Magicite and soon, chaos ensued. Once more, forces beyond comparison were at work to change the beats of existence.

When powers clash, the result is usually never good. When magical powers clash, the results are usually nothing short of pure and utter chaos. The powers of magic clashed and tore open holes to alternate dimensions. All across the globe, Gates were being opened to realms beyond the kin of those who dwelled there.

From these slips in space and time came valuable knowledge and even greater danger. Once again, the beats of War, Peace and Revolution beat on. Centuries passed and the influences of these other worlds bled into this one, transforming countries and people to be something more than what they once were… and in some cases, something far worse. The changes in the people began to wear upon the minds of leaders all across the globe as even their trusted allies began to turn treacherous.

Once more, War enveloped the world. In a last attempt to purify the world of these influences, the Espers stepped in once more and sealed the portals till a time when peace could be restored not just to this world but to others.

That is where the world stands now… fragile peace given by the gods kept only by the whims of those who hold power. Fear still thick within the streets and true, lasting peace no where in sight. It is for this very cause that a call has been given to all those who would dare heed it. To take up arms and fight for what they believe in. No longer shall the fates be decided by formless beings or other worlds but by the people whom dwell here. Here, in this world known now as Crossroads, a great battle is about to take place.

Where do you stand in this conflict against existence?