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If you're looking for the best kind of Creepy people, Look no further!
Because you've found the Official Off-Event, Guild Home, Of the Creepy Anon's.

Here you'll find Anon's and Anon-ee's alike.
We all seem to enjoy:

-Friendly stalking (The online, all in good fun, pretend kind)
-Scary Stories
-Action/Adventure Role Play
-Creative gift giving
And more of Course!

If you're interested, just answer the short Application questions below and send it in!

And if you have any Questions, Concerns, Comments, or Predicaments
that need to be talked over and dealt with, feel free to contact any of the
highlighted Crew members below.
We're here to help! emotion_c8

Sellesion --- Suishohatake --- MageQueenHoshi --- Amu Tsukiyomi-sama

Application Questions:
Application Q's!~

1) Why would you like to join?
2) Where did you hear about us?
3) We're mainly active in the Guild unless there's an event, are you going to be a positive, active member?